If you’re out in MY city, bored, and can’t stand it.

Make sure you call us Cocktail Bandits.


We’ll show you how to party, shop and eat; 

The beaches, the plantations; Whatever you need.


Yes, we are socialites, but that’s not all we have to say,

we’ll walk you around, a teach a little about back in the day.



We know you want to learn, anyone who comes to visit is SMART! 😉

So we will have to go to the universities, the aquarium, as well as the arts.


“Arts?”… you say… ” Well what ever do you mean?”

That’s when we take a stroll on Market, East Bay, and King.


There, you’ll see ones who paint, play music, and sing.

And when I tell you I love Charleston, you’ll say the SAME THING.


Time in the Holy City is precious, please don’t take it for granted.

So if you want to have some fun, some real fun, some real REAL FUN…….

Call yourself a Cocktail Bandit!

– @Melanin007 (Nek)


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