Fabrizia has challenged Charleston area mixologist to create an original cocktail using their signature product Limoncello and Blood Orange liqueur. The competition takes place in November when the judges visit Charleston to sample the creative cocktails. Fabrizia has organized a pretty swaggy grand prize; a three day, two night trip for two to Boston (all expenses paid), personal tour of the Fabrizia Spirit’s facility, dinner accommodations and admission to the Boston Wine Expo.

The featured bartender from Boston created three custom cocktails for the event. Each displayed the wide use of both the Limoncello and the Blood Orange liqueurs.

Not to be outdone, Radeberger and Schofferhofer craft imported beer was also hosting an event at Bay Street Biergarten. The German beer company was debuting its beverage for the first time in South Carolina during the Charleston Beer Week festivities. The Schofferhofer beer uses ruby red grapefruit to create its unique flavor profile while the Radeberger has a clean and traditional pilsner taste. With so many mixologist in attendance, it was only a matter of time before someone created a drink using both the Fabrizia and the Schofferhofer. 22 of us line up at the bar to chug the just created bomb (1 oz of Fabrizia Limoncello dropped into 4 oz of Schofferhofer). What a perfect way to end a night of making new friends and being introduced to a new mixer; let the creative juices flow. Stay tuned for all the delicious cocktails we create using Fabrizia Liqueurs and Radeberger & Schofferhofer beer.

Check out our video recap below!

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  1. Mike Cottens Reply October 5, 2014 at 3:55 am

    Hey ladies. I didn’t have a number to contact you at. We were wondering if you were going to enter a cocktail into the competition like we talked about. If not we were thinking you ladies could join the panel to help judge the drinks for the competition. Let us know. P.s. You’re awesome

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