Meet & Greet with Master Distiller Eddie Russell

The burgeoning whiskey lover in me was supremely pleased to meet a legend in the Spirit’s world. Eddie Russell’s family distillery in Kentucky has been making Wild Turkey for generations. We had the honor of tasting their entire spirits line including their signature Wild Turkey 101 and a special 16 year old whiskey respectfully dubbed “Rare Breed”. Eddie Russell charmed us with stories of training with other whiskey giants like Jim Beam and Makers Mark. Mr. Russell also educated us on the unique Wild Turkey distillation process. They only use gmo free grain and their own propriety yeast when preparing their prized spirit.

Mr. Russell thanked the mixology community for their continued interest in the industry. He admits that we are the drivers of the spirits industry introducing new generations to the wonders of Scotch whisky. We thanked him with a big fat kiss! For more information about Wild Turkey Bourbon, visit

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