A restaurant that is most widely known for its fine cuts of beef; Stars’ Rooftop bartenders sure know how to make a cocktail. Mixologist Rochelle Jones created an inspired cocktail she lovingly named, Dame en Rouge. Rochelle used Lunazul Tequila Blanco, PAMA Liqueur, Southern Twist Bison Grass mixer, peppers and lemon juice. The “Lady in Red” was garnish with red pepper slices. This drink just made the competition that more challenging. We couldn’t resist indulging in some hors d’oeuvres. We share a small plate of sautéed duck and veggies on a hot, sweet roll. The duck buns were savory and light which paired nicely with our slightly spicy cocktail.

IMG_0987Ms. Jones has taken her taken her love for Mixology to the next level. She created Southern Twist mixer right here in Charleston. The product line uses local ingredients to create cocktail mixers for craft cocktails. Southern Twist is now available for purchase at Total Wine and on her website www.southerntwistcocktails.com
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