The recently opened and newly renovated Westendorff restaurant at 114 Saint Philip Street served a wide assortment of cheese to accent the flavors of the Grand Marnier Cuvee line. We started with the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, this bottle is the most familiar and often shot hastily by college students.


The real treat – The Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880. Gorgeous bottle aside, the contents aged to perfection tasted of orange perfume and French oak. To our surprise the variety of cheese emphasized the subtle notes of the liqueur.


GRANDThe addition of nuts, fruit and thinly sliced meats released even more flavor to each sip. We highly recommend experimenting with cheese and liqueur pairing. We typically see these combinations when trying new wines but the same technique can and should be applied to tasting spirits, liqueurs, sakes and the like.

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