Celebration of the Cowpea

The Celebration of the Cowpea was an event that celebrated “cowpeas” or “field peas” in a very creative and innovative way. The event took place took place at the Gatewood House, which is the house where Nat Fuller, the famous African American and restautanteur learned to cook in the 19th century. The pea which came […]

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A Day with Matt Lee and Truveè Wines

Drinking wine with Matt Lee was an absolute treat! For those that don’t know who he is, Matt Lee is one half of the Lee Brothers. The Lee Bros are two brothers from Charleston, who are very involved with spreading awareness of delicious southern cuisine around the U.S. They have a mail order catalog for […]

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Coffee Cocktails

Life is too short crappy coffee cocktails! And with yummy cocktail creations for Brooks Reitz of Leon’s Oyster Shop there’s never a need too! Brooks brought along his signature Jack  Rudy Tonic to blend the Cherry Bourbon syrup cocktail and a few ounces of Revelator El Carmen – cold brew. With literally a cherry on […]

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