image image image image imageThe Celebration of the Cowpea was an event that celebrated “cowpeas” or “field peas” in a very creative and innovative way. The event took place took place at the Gatewood House, which is the house where Nat Fuller, the famous African American and restautanteur learned to cook in the 19th century. The pea which came from West Africa in the 16th century, has had a profound infulence on southern cuisine and chefs Benjamin Dennis and Kevin Mitchell cooked over 30 types of field peas for everyone to sample. The beans ranged from creamy, to rice peas and there were different types of rice to pair with them. Chef April McGreger made cornbread from several heirloom corn strands and the cornbread was the perfect southern touch to this amazing meal. The favorite pea of the evening was the Pink Eyes Purple Hawk pea grown by our favorite organic farmer Joseph Fields. The event was amazing, we even had the opportunity to meet Food and Bev legend, Natalie Dupree!! It was an awesome and educational event and we hope to attend next year!

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