We convened in the gallery for a reception of cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres. The eclectic art pieces served as conversation pieces as we mingled with other guest catching up and discussing upcoming plans.

Kessler Bohemian Charleston Gallery

The party moved to the rooftop terrace, to a beautiful just before sunset view, and our first course with its accompanying wine. Our palates cleansed, we were educated by the sommelier, Scott Newman as to the region of origin of our featured grapes and formally introduced to the head chef, the man responsible for our delectable meal.

Kessler Bohemian Charleston Rooftop Terrace

We were seated next to Charleston Foodie Babe, longtime social media friend and Queen of the Foodage. Our playful discussion continued well past dessert which was cloyingly sweet and light.
The  Z team gifted us with Eleve custom dry spice rub in use in our own kitchen and complimentary brunch back at the rooftop bar. Grand Bohemian is beginning to feel a lot like home.


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