Miss Naturally Crowned

On June 24th, History was made in Charleston, South Carolina. “Miss Naturally Crowned” was the First Natural Hair beauty pageant to come to the American Theater.  Nine beautiful, black, natural women walked across the stage that night. We were so thankful to be in attendance, and happy to be a part of it.


Jessica and Maureen, have been putting on this event in Columbia for the last three years. They decided to create a pageant to fund a natural hair beauty supply store that they want to open in Columbia. They started the “Miss Naturally Crowned” franchise in December of 2013 and received an overwhelming response. It’s become one of the most creative, unique events to happen in the natural hair community. These besties/co-owners created a platform where women of color could be celebrated for naturally being themselves; that’s pretty rare and amazing to us. They also empowered women of color to be proud of who they are. We love that and were so thankful that they decided to bring this concept of Charleston, and allowed us to be proud judges of this special pageant.


This pageant, was about more than just being beautiful. Being a natural woman was very difficult for a lot of us in the beginning. It’s so empowering to see young women embracing who they are and the curls that grow out of their head; is simply beautiful. All the contestants were professional, educated and highly motivated. All nine have serious goals,  hopes and dreams but don’t want to be judged by their hair. One great thing about this pageant is that the winner was able to take the prize money and apply it to their business. Quite the incentive considering most of the women who participated are entrepreneurs.

Miss Paige Green

Miss Paige Green

This year’s winner is Miss Paige Green. Paige is a social worker at her day job and the owner and operator of Paige’s Sweet Treats as well. She received $1000 to invest in her personal business. We were so inspired by this event and can’t wait to attend Miss Naturally Crowned Charleston, 2017.



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