It may surprise you to learn that neither Taneka nor Johnny have any formal bartender training. Taneka has work experience in several bars and restaurants in Charleston but no one bothered to “teach” either of us how to shake a cocktail. It wasn’t until we started the Cocktail Bandits’ blog that we bought a book of cocktail recipes and most importantly, a cocktail shaker.

This basic bartender’s kit contained a shaker and other bar tools, most of which broke shortly thereafter but our home bar would never be the same. We noticed the difference a proper shake and strain can have the enjoyment of a cocktail.


As of late, our SILVERgrade shaker has been the go-to for events and home cocktail creation. The slender body aids in its handling during the “shake” and the top can be removed without a fight (a stubborn top can ruin a live demonstration or kill your flow during mass cocktail production). Our stainless steel shaker arrived with a double jigger, 2 pourers, cleaning cloth and a red velvet pouch. All the pieces can be placed inside the shaker and carried in the red bag to a pop-up event or a friends’ home.


To purchase your own SILVERgrade shaker set, visit


Photography by Dinwiddie Photography

Nails by Jada Sanders Nails

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