And just like that, Charleston Wine and Food Festival is only ONE WEEK away!! We are so pumped about this year and we can’t wait to share all of our food and bevvie experiences with all of you next week…

But FIRST, we to share some tips on how to prepare yourself for 5 days of eating and drinking BEFORE the Festival. We have gone for the past 3 years and we think these tips will prepare your mind, and body for the week!

1. Hydrate!!

The FIRST thing one should do before attending #chswff, or any food and wine fest, is drink plenty of water and green juices/smoothies. Since the festival is in seven days, this is the perfect time to prep your body by filling up on healthy fluids. During #chswff, there will be so many different foods and beverages to sample so it is IMPERATIVE to hydrate so your body can handle the pounding it’s about to receive from the week!

2. Exercise!

Similar to hydrating, engaging in physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day, a week BEFORE THE FESTIVAL will give you more energy and stamina during the week of the events. There are over 100 events around the city with plenty of eating, drinking AND walking…  so prepare that body to enjoy everything that #chswff has to offer!

3. Check the weather!

This city is very temperamental in March, it could be freezing one day, a pure sauna on the next, and raining the day after. Checking the weather before #chswff will determine what to wear for each event. The goal is to be comfortable and have fun.

4. Pre plan each day!

There are events happening all over the peninsula and beyond during the festival. We have seen so many attendees miss events that they paid for because they didn’t know how far it was from their previous event. Don’t let this happen to you. Review your schedule for the week and devise a clear plan of action each day. Create your own customized schedule and map around the events you will be attending for #chswff. Between events, check out other Charleston attractions that are in the area. We have plenty of art galleries, retail stores, and the College of Charleston is only a block away from the tasting tents.  Do your research, make a solid plan for each day… FOLLOW that plan, and enjoy Charleston Wine and Food!


We hope that these tips make your experience with #chswff even BETTER than expected! We are a part of the Social Media “Street Team” this year and can’t wait to see your smiling faces around the city! 



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