Scotch on the beach may sound like a naughty cocktail name but it actually describes our afternoon with Highland Park Scotch and the United States Bartender’s Guild. We boarded a bus and headed over to the Windjammer on Isle of Palms. I’m embarrassed to say it was the first time we’ve had our feet in the sand all 2017.

We sipped frozen pineapple and whisky coladas while a few fellas played giant beer pong with trash cans and beach balls.


After a lunch of pulled pork and fixin’s, we teamed up for a battle of the sexes.

Fueled by Highland Park mules, our team of all girl boozy lovers were challenged to build a sea vessel using only cardboard boxes, duct tape and trash bags.

We’ve faced worse. We carefully thought and comfort in mind, we secured a 4 sided floating craft complete with team flag and drink holder, we needed it to toast our victory.

The boat built by the guys team took on water and quickly capsized under a wave. Never modest about triumph, the ladies team was sent home with a bottle of the Single Malt Scotch.

Inspired by another victory, we create a cocktail in honor of our accomplishment.

Maiden Voyage

1.5 oz of Highland Park Scotch
.5 oz of Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur
1 oz of Orange Juice
1 barspoon of Gent’s Spiced Orange Syrup
Hibicus and Sea Salt rim.

Add scotch, liqueur, syrup and orange juice to mixing tin full of ice. Shake passionately. Pour mixture into glass rimmed in hibiscus salt and filled with ice. Take #GentleLadySips
Photos by Arielle Simmons:
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