Our tour guide,  this cute couple from Boston, and the Cocktail Bandits in a photo op at Kaminski's!  We had a blast!

Our tour guide, this cute couple from Boston, and the Cocktail Bandits in a photo op at Kaminski’s! We had a blast!

The Charleston Culinary Tours has started a wonderful Mixology Tour right here downtown. The Cocktail Bandits were able to experience 3 craft cocktail bars in the Market area. There, we were able to talk with the mixologists and taste one of their fine creations.

The first cocktail bar that we visited was Burwells. We love Burwells and have been there before, but it was interesting to hear the mixologist, Jonathan Calo, talk about the cocktail he created called the Woodgrilled Caipirnha and even tell us the history of the cocktail and it’s origins in Brazil. The cocktail was very delicious and light, we definitely enjoyed it.


The second bar on our tour was Social Wine Bar, located on East Bay Street. We’ve already been here as well, but it’s always exciting to see their head mixologist, Don, making stellar drink creations. He made us a cocktail called the Charleston Sour, made with Jaspers Gin and gave us a brief history lesson on the craft cocktail movement here in the City. It was very informative and the cocktail was very tasty!


Our final bar on the tour was Kaminski’s. This bar was a first time visit for us and we were excited! Our bartender, Evan, made the crew some chocolate martinis, and talked about dessert cocktails. It was interesting to learn that there are several different types of cocktails that pair well with lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, and dessert. We left Kaminski’s more educated and a little more inebriated. We loved that place!


Between each of the tours, our fabulous, tour guide gave us “did you know facts” about Charleston that kept the tour exciting, fun, and informative. We didn’t want it to be over! We enjoyed the entire tour and now we’re eager to check out some more of the Cocktail bars here in Charleston.


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